What makes proteins, ribosomes and mRNA do what they do?

First of all, forgive my language and technical errors: My question is:  What makes proteins ribosomes and mRNA do what they do? I mean, i.e. ribosomal protein HGNC 14275 moves and then interacts with some other proteins because of its size, weight, electrical charges?  Example: If me, as a human go to watch a movie, it’s because ‘I want’. So, I go to the theater, pay the price and watch the film… But a protein? If left alone inside a nucleus cell, will it move because ‘it wants’ or because the reactions caused by its properties?  On the microscope ==>

How would other non-human civilizations be like?

I found this video: https://youtu.be/mr7FXvTSYpA, where some hypotheses are formulated about the characteristics that should define a civilization much more advanced than ours (the human civilization); They are presenting three grades of evolution, and they categorize them based on the level of expertise in the use of energy, and the amount of it that a civilization is capable of manage and take profit of. With all due respect, I think that this projection about the future of possible existing civilizations seems ==>

I would like to understand everything

Didn’t you ever thought about what would you ask for, if a genius comes out of a lamp and ask you for a desire ? I think that I would ask him / it, to understand and know everything: Why we are here, what is the existence, and how things are related between them. And i will ask him also, to be able to bear with the answer, both mentally and psychologically, if possible, without heartbreaking suffering (because, maybe, real ==>

Why is There Something Instead of Nothing

I want to start with a very simple question: why there is something instead of nothing at all ? This question came to me in one of those nonsense-thinking pseudo philosophical seizures that I use to evade myself from the not-so-distant daily stuff that clutters my mind. I know the FACT that there is, undoubtedly, something, and that ‘something’ is HUGE, but, honestly, nobody KNOWS why. Then, to my surprise, I found a book called Why does the world exist?, ==>