Why is There Something Instead of Nothing

I want to start with a very simple question: why there is something instead of nothing at all ?

This question came to me in one of those nonsense-thinking pseudo philosophical seizures that I use to evade myself from the not-so-distant daily stuff that clutters my mind.

I know the FACT that there is, undoubtedly, something, and that ‘something’ is HUGE, but, honestly, nobody KNOWS why.

Then, to my surprise, I found a book called Why does the world exist?, that just discusses this very specific topic. You can find the discussion on the TED conference site, too.

As it was expected from me, I didn’t read as much of it as a few pages, but I promise myself to finish it some day, as I finally achieved with the (very advisable) book In_Search_of_Lost_Time, from Marcel Proust (that in fact is a self-reinforcement / remainder that I would be able to finish almost ANY book if determined enough).

But I keep questioning myself about it, and I realize I have absolutely no idea of why. Does it sound weird ? Yes, for me. The fact that we are living in a ‘reality’, but we are unable to find answer for such a SIMPLE and FUNDAMENTAL question is one of the most amazing and weirdest thing I can think about.

How is it possible ? That drives me to think that “something does not fit”. In a similar, but different way, as Morpheus says in The matrix: That there’s something wrong with the world”

I don’t think it’s wrong, but … weird. As if something or somebody don’t allow us (for good or bad) to know the truth, the simplest and fundamental facts of everything. We are only allowed to use our reasoning to sense reality, but we cannot really know it. And I don’t like that.

Maybe all our existence is a test, maybe not, but… has no sense. We are stuck to a giant ball floating in a vast space… what ? really, sounds so unbelievable, so ‘illogical’.

Why there is so much complexity ? what for ? why is something instead of nothing ?

If somebody has any irrefutable and useful answer, congratulations ! You could be the first human to find it. But please don’t use any ‘religion-loaded’ argument for that, just undeniable logic please:

The idea of believing in something just with ‘faith’ sounds totally absurd to me. It’s like pretending that we humankind are like children ready to accept anything for us to be able to bear an existence that we are unable to understand. We are limited, yes, but we want to know, and what’s more important, to understand.

In fact, I wrote an email long time ago about these ideas, wrote to two well-nown science divulgators. As expected, I didn’t got any reply because the ideas were not much detailed… It was just for fun:

In an unprecedented megalomania delirium, I thought that I could have an answer to your desire to “obtain something from nothing”, as you pointed out in an interview in the newspaper “El Pais” (Spain), on May 20, 2010.

I think that in some way, it would be possible, although for you to not start thinking of me as a “big mouth”, I need to explain you the details.

It came to me, without warning, the idea that the explanation to your question and many other things could be related to something much larger: my explanation of the whole existence. Let me explain it to you:

Some time ago, I asked myself:

What should have been more LOGICAL to happen , the “the whole” or “the nothingness” ?
Regardless of our obvious perception that the reality is here, and that there is “something”, the question before, seems to be difficult to answer.

Imagine that the second option (nothing exists) have become true; apparently it does not break any logic rules … EUREKA!

Well, my theory is that “in reality, there is nothing” (what an irony of language), in the way we see it in our everyday life (the brain likes – wants – believe to see what “it” predicts, at all the levels, both for genetic and cultural reasons), but “what exists” could be only the logic itself.

This is a subjective assessment with my limited sense of human consciousness, not a belief, because I am opposed to this absurd idea of “believe” in something without reasoning it.

As the only irrefutable thing is the logic’s existence, you come to the conclusion that our existence is the same as “the logic”, which is “logical” that exists by itself. It is not logical, however, the assumption that there is a “physical” reality. What for ? why ? no answers.

The study of this logic, developed and standardized by the “human mind” is what we call mathematics.

Then, The world is seen as it should be, logically. And consciousness, or life, would be an “important” consequence when applying pure logic; As if one could conclude that it must exist.
We are discovering, that everything we know can be explained by a mathematical model as it deepens in the models. Do you realize? Reality is not “physical”, the reality is, say, abstract in itself. No more, no less. That is why the universe seems so great, “and the matter seems to being subdivided into an infinite number of parts. It has no beginning or end, as it is “logical”.

I’m NOT talking about the world of shadows and the world of Platonic ideas, or the Matrix virtual reality and the real world controlled by robots, or parallel universes or ideals and physical “instances” of the universe, either.

I’m talking about a single reality, the LOGIC reality, to be understood through the development of mathematics as a pure science, with the help of the invaluable “scientific method” (the best “discovering” or tool the human being haves).

Everything that exists on the other hand it is logical, mathematical, if I may express it “as a huge and infinite equation”.

It includes and justifies both, the great achievements of humanity and the most terrible atrocities. EVERYTHING. I’m not saying that there is no free will, but that “things that exist”, existed or that “will exist”, cannot be changed because they are is the result of a “logical consequence.”
The dimensions in this world are meaningless in themselves, since everything is infinitely large and small, as the logic itself.

Maybe when we were able to look in detail at the reality of matter with the new particle accelerators like the LHC and other means, we would realize the truth.
So, I can give you the answer to your question, although not the “how to do it” … yet:
The answer is “YES”, I suppose you could create “something from nothing”, if by that “nothing”, you mean something that don’t physically exists.

In reality, we were creating something in an “unusual way”, manipulating the reality, and looking as we were creating it from nothing. It would be again, another “logical / physical” trick.
But, let’s look closer to your question again: Can I create something from nothing?
Many questions have no answers because they, themselves, are not well constructed; their base is absurd, or poor defined.

What do you mean by “nothing” ? Something that does not exist?
when? let’s say, in an exact moment…
where? on an exact location

If we reach the proper detail level, we find that it is IMPOSSIBLE BECAUSE there is a logical contradiction. Do you see ? it’s impossible at the logical level.

Another situation would be if something appears on one place where nothing existed before just milliseconds before. Again, it could be caused by an unknown (until today) physical (logical if I’m right) effect, But remember: what cannot be logically possible, should be impossible.
Perhaps this could be a reasonable approximation for the truth of the existence.
But if all this is only a paranoia, I hope that it doesn’t get worse when I grew old 8-D.
Did you noticed ?, I tried to answer your question, and I ended up explaining the essence for the whole existence … I’ve told you at the very beginning.

Can you imagine the existence of a secret group of people ?… A sect that already knows the truth, and that at any moment … OOOPS ! Somebody is knocking at the door … very strange, it’s so late, who could it be ? ;-D

.. So that was my crazy email… What do you think about it ? I’m open to hear any ideas you may have.

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