I would like to understand everything

Didn’t you ever thought about what would you ask for, if a genius comes out of a lamp and ask you for a desire ?

I think that I would ask him / it, to understand and know everything: Why we are here, what is the existence, and how things are related between them.

And i will ask him also, to be able to bear with the answer, both mentally and psychologically, if possible, without heartbreaking suffering (because, maybe, real truth could be painful).

Why is it that I would like it to happen ? Well, I imagine that it would BE REALLY SOMETHING, don’t you think ?!

I know I don’t deserve such a knowledge, as me, we are, you know, like tears in the rain, but… Why not ask for it ? maybe a little faint light dude, just a match’s light, almost nothing… Come on…

I will email to help@crowdwish.com for the time being, just in case there is any chance to get the answers more soon that I was expecting 8-D.

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